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Joji Net Worth
$8 Million

Joji Net Worth
  • George Kusunoki Miller, popularly known as Joji, is a Japanese singer, YouTuber, and rapper.
  • Joji’s net worth is estimated to be about $8 million as of 2020.
  • Miller is famous for his aliases such as ‘Filthy Frank,’ ‘Pink Guy,’ and ‘Joji.’
  • Miller has three youtube channels where he used to upload satirical, comical, and musical videos: DizastaMusic (992K subscribers), TVFilthyFrank (7.49 Million subscribers), and TooDamnFilthy (2.28 Million subscribers).
  • Joji stopped making comical skits and satirical videos in 2017 and cited his health conditions as the reason behind this step.
  • The ad revenues generated by these three YouTube channels play a significant role in Joji’s net worth of $8 million.
  • Apart from his youtube revenues, Joji’s net worth is positively impacted by his sponsored posts on social media. Joji has more than 5.5 million followers on Instagram. He endorses several brands on his Instagram handle. Because of these promotional activities, Joji’s net worth keeps on increasing.
  • Joji started making serious music in the year 2017 and gained a massive fan following because of his unique style of songwriting and rapping.
  • Joji has signed a multi-million contract with an Asian music label, ’88rising.’ Joji releases his songs under this label, and the company contributes to his net worth in return.
  • Joji has released two studio albums named Ballads 1 (2018) and Nectar (2020). He has also released one Extended Play called ‘In Tongues’ (2017).
  • Joji’s ‘SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK’ track has more than 210 million views and 3.4 million likes on YouTube.
  • Joji’s ‘YEAH RIGHT’ track from the album Nectar has more than 92 million views and 1.3 million likes on YouTube.
  • The famous ‘Harlem Shake’ phenomenon is also credited to Miller and his friends.


How Much is Joji’s Net Worth?

The net worth of George Miller, popularly known as Joji, is estimated to be $8 million. Joji is one of the most famous singers in the Japanese hip-hop and lo-fi niche of music. He used to be a comic in the early days of his YouTuber’s life. Miller currently has three different youtube channels: DizastaMusic (992K subscribers), TVFilthyFrank (7.49 Million subscribers), and TooDamnFilthy (2.28 Million subscribers). Though he doesn’t upload comic content now, his old videos still generate revenues and increase his net worth.

Currently, Joji works for music labels such as 88rising and 12 Tone Music. He has a multi-million dollar deal with music labels. The exact amount of the contract is undisclosed. Joji also produces music albums independently on his own.


Joji Net Worth: How was it created?

Miller, popularly known as Joji, created this vast amount of net worth over a span of several years. His first source of net worth was his Youtube channel ‘DizastaMusic’ where he used to upload comedy sketches and shows such as ‘Filthy Frank Show.’

Miller dedicated his second channel to the Filthy Frank show and named it ‘TVFilthyFrank.’ He currently has around 7.5 million subscribers on his second channel. Because of the sponsors and ad revenues, Miller’s net worth took a huge spike when his second channel became so famous.

Miller’s third youtube channel ‘TooDamnFilthy’ has 2.28 million subscribers. Similar to his previous two channels, this one also has a considerable part in increasing the net worth of Joji. The famous ‘Harlem Shake’ phenomenon is also credited to Miller and his friends.

Joji’s net worth’s largest chunk is because of his music albums and music videos. In 2018, his single ‘Slow Dancing in The Dark’ went an instant hit as soon as he released it. It has been streamed for as many as 500 million times on Spotify. His music album ‘Ballads 1’ peaked #3 on the Billboard hot 200 and increased his net worth to unprecedented heights.

Let’s check out Joji’s net worth growth in the last five years:

2020 Net Worth $8 Million
2019 Net Worth $6.9 Million
2018 Net Worth $4.6 Million
2017 Net Worth $3.2 Million
2016 Net Worth $2.1 Million


Joji Facts

Full Name George Kusunoki Miller
Net Worth $8 Million
Date Of Birth 18 September 1992
Place Of Birth Osaka, Japan
Profession Singer, Rapper, YouTuber
Education Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan
Nationality Japnese
Spouse None
Parents Japanese mother and Australian father
Siblings Not Known
Nicknames Filthy Frank, Joji, The Pink guy
Music Studio albums: Ballads 1 (2018), Nectar (2020)

Extended plays: In Tongues (2017)

Singles: “Will He” (2017), “18” (2018), “Yeah Right” (2018), “Peach Jam” (2018), “Slow Dancing in the Dark” (2018), “Can’t Get Over You” (2018), “Test Drive” (2018), “Sanctuary” (2019), “Breathe” (2019), “Run”(2020), “Gimme Love”(2020), “Daylight”(2020), “Your Man”(2020)

Youtube DizastaMusic (992K subscribers)

TVFilthyFrank (7.49 Million subscribers)

TooDamnFilthy (2.28 Million subscribers)


Joji Social Media Profiles 

Twitter Joji Twitter
Instagram Joji Instagram
Facebook Joji Facebook


Joji Biography

George Kusunoki Miller, popularly known as Joji, was born on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan. Joji is a singer, songwriter, Youtuber, and comedian of Japanese origin. He s also knows as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy – both of these were the names of this character he used to play in his early YouTube days. Joji has three youtube channels – DizastaMusic (992K subscribers), TVFilthyFrank (7.49 Million subscribers), and TooDamnFilthy (2.28 Million subscribers).

Before Joji became a full-time singer, he was already famous because of his youtube videos. He first created the DizastaMusic channel on YouTube in 2011 and started uploaded comedy sketches. The character which everyone loved was ‘Filthy Frank.’ The character was conceptualised as an anti-vlogger of Youtube. His video ‘Lil Jon falls off a table’ became very popular and came into the trending section of Youtube. However, the channel received a lot of copyright claims and community strikes. In 2014, Miller announced that he’d not upload any more video on the channel as the risk of it going down was enormous.

Joji started another channel called ‘TVFilthyFrank,’ and released many youtube series like ‘Japanese 101,’ ‘Food,’ ‘Loser Reads hater Comments,’ and many more. This channel went on to become Joji’s biggest youtube channel with around 7.5 million subscribers as of 2020. The same year, Joji started his third Youtube channel, ‘TooDamnFilthy,’ which became famous for a unique series, ‘Cringe of the Week.’ This channel currently has 2.28 million subscribers. A significant part of Joji’s net worth has been created because of these three youtube channels. All three of his channels have monetized videos. This means Joji’s net worth gets increased because of the ads running on the videos. He also has sponsors giving him money to promote their brands on his YouTube videos. Joji’s net worth also has a huge chunk of sponsors’ fees, which he made by endorsing several brands on his youtube channels.

In 2017, Joji came up with the announcement of the release of his first authored book, ‘Francis of the Filth.’ The book talked about his journey in the ‘Filthy Frank’ series. His book was received well by his fans and followers. He made a good amount of money through the sales of his book. The commercials of his book made a tiny contribution to Joji’s net worth. In December the same year, Joji tweeted that he was stopping the production of comedy sketches, including the Filthy Frank, due to health issues.

Miller always had this profound passion for producing and composing music. He has been quoted saying that he started creating youtube videos to satisfy his needs to compose odd cultural music. Miller’s character of ‘Pink Guy’ was his attempt to create comical and satirical music videos on Youtube. He made his debut album’ Pink Season’, where he introduced his comical rap style to his audience. Apart from this album, Miller also released one extended play named ‘Pink Season: The Prophecy,’ under his stage name pink guy. There were a lot of things on the line for Miller’s pink guy, but in 2017, Miller decided to drop all the Filthy Frank content off the grip. This also included his plans with the Pink Guy.

After stopping all the productions of his comedy sketches and comedy music-related content, Miller went ahead and started producing more serious kinds of music. This is where his most successful stage name came into existence – ‘Joji.’ According to Miller, the difference between ‘Pink guy’ and ‘Joji’ is the fact that Joji is more relatable to Miller.

In 2017, Joji was signed by an Asian music label 88rising. He released several new songs on the label’s youtube channel, such as ‘I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time,’ ‘Rain on Me,’ and ‘Will He.’ In May 2017, Miller got to perform as Joji for a live audience in Los Angeles. In November 2017, Empire Distribution released Joji’s extended play titles, ‘In Tongues.’ His debut studio album was ‘Ballads 1’ in 2018, which was released under the 88rising label. It was one of his first albums that peaked on Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart.

Miller got an enormous amount of success and fame under the name of Joji. His net worth spiked to an all-time high. He is not one of the most recognisable faces in the Japanese-American music industry. He has a lot of future plans on the line, which are pushed back due to the current Pandemic.

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