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Danny Duncan Net Worth
$5 Million

Danny Duncan Net Worth
  • Danny Duncan is an American Youtuber who has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2020.
  • Danny Duncan started his YouTube Channel in 2014. As of 2020, he has more than 5 million subscribers and 1 billion total views on his channel.
  • Danny Duncan has made his net worth by YouTube Ad earnings, sponsorships, brand endorsements, and selling merchandise.
  • Danny Duncan is famous for his public prank videos and stunts.
  • The most popular YouTube video on his channel was uploaded in 2016, named ‘Falling With 30,000 Pennies.’ It has around 30 million views as of 2020.
  • At the end of 2019, he uploaded a one and a half hour long video on his channel. It was a compilation of prank videos he did in the entire year. That video has more than 16 million views.
  • Danny Duncan has founded and owns the brand’ Virginity Rocks.’ He sells T-shirts, hats, footwear, skate decks, and other accessories on his brand’s website.
  • Danny Duncan was born on July 27, 92, in Englewood – Florida. His parents were separated long back, and his mother brought him up. He still operates his work from Englewood, Florida.
  • Danny Duncan’s YouTube videos make around $4000 per day. This amount is generated by the ads and endorsements he runs in the videos. However, only 55% of this amount goes to the net worth of Danny Duncan. YouTube cuts 45% of all the YouTubers’ ad earnings.


How much is Danny Duncan’s Net Worth?

According to many media sources citing several celebrities’ net worth, Danny Duncan’s net worth is around $5 million. He has this estimated net worth as of 2020. Danny Duncan is an American Youtuber who puts prank videos and vlogs on his youtube channel. His YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers. The cumulative views on his channel are more than 1 billion.


Danny Duncan’s Net Worth: How Was It Created?

Danny Duncan’s net worth of $5 million is created by his youtube videos and selling customised merchandise. He has been a professional youtube creator since 2014. He makes funny prank videos and vlogs. He also uploads stunt videos that involve vehicles, skateboards, and other things.

From Youtube, Danny earns about $5000 every day. However, not all the money gets added up in his net worth. Youtube cuts up 45% of the money as its commission.

Apart from youtube, Danny earns from Instagram as well. He has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram. He endorses brands and companies from his Instagram account. These endorsement fees contribute a lot of regulus cash inflow to his net worth.

Danny Duncan has founded and owns the brand’ Virginity Rocks.’ He sells T-shirts, hats, footwear, skate decks, and other accessories. From these sales, he adds a lot of money to his net worth. He recently published a picture on Instagram that said that he achieved $1 million in monthly sales from his website.

Let’s have a look at Danny Duncan’s net worth in the last five years:

2020 Net Worth $5 Million
2019 Net Worth $4.2 Million
2018 Net Worth $3.5 Million
2017 Net Worth $3 Million
2016 Net Worth $2.7 Million


Danny Duncan Facts

Full Name Danny Duncan
Net Worth $5 Million
Date Of Birth July 27, 1992
Place Of Birth Englewood, Florida, U.S.A
Profession YouTuber
Education Lemon Bay High School
Nationality American
Spouse None
Parents Susan (mother)
Siblings A sister, Matthew (half-brother)
Nicknames Danny, Dun
Popular YouTube Videos Falling With 30,000 Pennies (2016) – 30 million views

Danny Duncan | Best Of 2019 (2020) – 16 million+ views

Surprising My Sister With A New Car! (2017) – 12 million+ views

Danny Duncan | Best of 2018 (2019) – 12 million+ views

Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 4 (2017) – 9.7 million+ views

Crashing Golf Carts! (2019) – 8.8 million+ views

Kid at mall wants to fight! (2018) – 8.2 million+ views

He Almost Died Pier Jumping! (2017) – 8.2 million+ views

4th Of July With Danny Duncan! (2018) – 8.1 million+ views


Danny Duncan Social Media Profiles

Twitter Danny Duncan Twitter
Instagram Danny Duncan Instagram
Facebook Danny Duncan Facebook


Danny Duncan Biography

Danny Duncan was born on July 27, 92, in Englewood, Florida. His parents were separated long back. He is a YouTuber who is known for making funny prank videos. His videos’ main motive is to make his viewers laugh. At present, Danny has more than 5 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

His videos’ main attractions are destructive stunts, reckless and funny bits, messing with complete strangers, and recurring characters in his videos’ storylines. Danny Duncan seems to be not afraid of people who make fun of him. He takes the jokes on himself and doesn’t mind if he is looked down upon. To make brave and funny videos, he often gets kicked out of public places.

Most of Danny’s prank videos involve picking up random but friendly fights with people he doesn’t know. He loves to prank strangers at different public places like supermarts, school complexes, university complexes, and other public places. One of the main reasons people love watching his videos is that his videos are completely authentic and not staged. Because of his daring attitude, he has amassed this extraordinary net worth at such a young age.

Most of the YouTubers who claim to be pranksters usually stage their pranks either by hiring their victims or talking to them before the shoot starts. Danny doesn’t do that. All the reactions he gets in his videos are incredibly genuine loved by the viewers. One of his most popular videos, ‘Falling With 30,000 Pennies,’ has more than 30 million views on YouTube. In this public prank video, Danny Ducan keeps 30,000 pennies in a wheel-barrel and ‘accidentally’ spills it all over a supermarket floor.

In another one of his videos, he responds ‘No, it’s not that’ to all the responses he gets from a McDonald’s drive-through counter. He has many different public prank videos on his YouTube channel that you can check – if you haven’t already.

One of the most important things that make Danny different from the other YouTubers that his spending habits. His net worth doesn’t include flashy cars and big mansions. He spends most of his money on buying things that he can destroy in his next videos. He always spends his money on making his content more entertaining than the previous ones. In short, he spends his money on his followers, friends, and family. He would rather donate his money to a charity than buying something that enhances his lifestyle. This is why he doesn’t own any expensive item in his net worth.

According to Danny’s fans, he is one of the only few content creators on YouTube who haven’t toned down their content and changed their attitude after getting fame and money. In fact, even after accumulating such net worth, he tends to keep himself at the grounds and works hard to entertain his fans. Most of the famous content creators leave their hometown and go to LA, searching for new opportunities and making new business friends. Danny is a contradiction. He still lives in Florida and keeps himself surrounded by his friends who were there with him when he wasn’t a celebrity.

As a vlogger, Danny doesn’t spend money to show off a lavish lifestyle, like the other famous vloggers generally do. Instead, he spends money on repairing things that he broke because of his content. He lets his viewers see the time and effort it goes to design a perfect destructive prank. He also destroys his belongings and makes videos out of them. He does that to amuse his viewers and gain more followers. He once drove his sister’s truck into a neighbourhood pond as a joke. He then gifted her a much better and expensive new Honda car.

Danny loves to do stunts with vehicles. He once painted his old Honda car and drifted it multiple times in an open space. He has driven his dirt bike inside grocery stores and other’s houses. Yes, he gets weird looks from the people who don’t know him and have never seen his videos. For them, Danny comes out as a rich brat who loves to wreck things in public.

On some occasions, Danny Duncan also comes out as a life advisor for his viewers. While most of his videos are funny and comically-inclined, there are some videos where people do wrong to Danny. Danny handles such situations in a different manner. He doesn’t disrespect those people or get the concerned authorities involved. He, in fact, helps those people monetarily and emotionally. He has said many times that he believes in giving second chances to people. One incident happened when a kid stole $4000 worth of money, Pokemon cards, and clothes from Danny. Instead of pressing charges, Danny made him admit to his deeds and punishes him in his own funny way. He also taught a life lesson to the kid and made his life a little bit better.

According to many people, Danny Duncan is an extremely underrated YouTuber. Other YouTubers who make prank based content are either fake or not merely as good. On the other hand, Danny spends his net worth on buying accessories for his next tricks and videos. He doesn’t spend his net worth on expensive personal items like luxurious cars, watches, jewelry, branded clothes, or huge mansions. He has always kept it clear that his net worth is because of his fans, and he’ll only spend his net worth on his fans’ amusements.

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