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Tom MacDonald Net Worth

Tom Macdonald Net Worth
  • Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper who has a net worth of $500 thousand as of 2020
  • Tom MacDonald was nominated for the famous Leo Award, which made news and put him in hip-hop listeners’ eyes.
  • In his teenage years, Tom McDonald was a professional wrestler. He did wrestling for six years. Some of his notable appearances were in National Wrestling Alliance, Real Canadian Wrestling, Monster Pro Wrestling, and Elite Canadian Championship.
  • MacDonald is an independent rapper and is not signed by any known music label.
  • His musical earnings accumulate Tom MacDonald’s net worth of $500,000.
  • Tom MacDonald has always shown his anger towards the use of drugs in the hip-hop and music industry.
  • He is known for his writing and rapping abilities. He is also known for his tattoos and piercings. He’s one of the few good white-rappers in the American hip-hop community.
  • Tom MacDonald’s net worth addition due to wrestling earnings is unknown. He left his wrestling career to make a new career in the music industry.
  • Tom MacDonald is also a YouTuber with more than 1.4 million subscribers.
  • Tom MacDonald’s first YouTube Video was the music video “Wannabe,” which he uploaded in 2014. It has more than 3.2 million views as of 2020.
  • He is widely known for his songs Whiteboy, Politically Incorrect, Dear Rappers, Castles, This House, I Wish, Wannabe, The Way I Am, If I Was Black, From the Jump, House in the Hills, Straight White Male, Sad Rappers, Hangman, House in the Hills, Anarchy, Boom Bap 101, and many others.


How much is Tom MacDonald’s Net Worth?

Tom MacDonald’s net worth is around $500,000 as of 2020. He is a widely known rap artist and a Social Media Influencer. Some of the best songs of his career are ‘Everybody Hates Me (2018),’ ‘Cloned Rappers (2019),’ ‘People So Stupid (2020),’ and ‘I Don’t Drink (2020).’

The most famous albums by Tom MacDonald are LeeAnn’s Son (2014), Macbeth Ep (2015), See you tomorrow (2015), Therapy EP (2017), and Deathreats (2018). He has made his net worth because of his music.


Tom MacDonald’s Net Worth: How Was It Created?

Tom MacDonald’s net worth of around $500 thousand was mainly created by his music albums and live shows. He also earns through selling his personalised merchandise like customised T-shirts, beanie caps, sweatshirts, and other things.

Tom MacDonald has more than 1.4 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. His YouTube channel also contributes to Tom’s net worth. He uploads his songs on his channel and monetize’s the videos for ad revenues.

Let’s have a look at Tom MacDonald’s increment in net worth in the last five years:

2020 Net Worth $500 Thousand
2019 Net Worth $422 Thousand
2018 Net Worth $355 Thousand
2017 Net Worth $260 Thousand
2016 Net Worth $200 Thousand


Tom MacDonald Facts

Full Name Thomas MacDonald
Net Worth $500 Thousand
Date Of Birth September 21, 1988
Place Of Birth Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Profession Professional Rapper, Singer, YouTuber
Education Not Known
Nationality Canadian
Girlfriend Nova Rockafeller
Parents LeeAnn MacDonald (Mother)
Siblings Not Known
Nicknames Tommy
Albums LeeAnn’s Son (2014), See You Tomorrow (2015), MacBeth (2015), Dream People & The Whiskey Wars (2015), Therapy (2017), Deathreats (2018), Ghostories (2019), Gravestones (2020), Flowers for the Dead (2020)
YouTube Tom MacDonald
Songs Whiteboy, Politically Incorrect, Dear Rappers, Castles, This House, I Wish, Wannabe, The Way I Am, If I Was Black, From the Jump, House in the Hills, Straight White Male, Sad Rappers, Hangman, House in the Hills, Anarchy, Boom Bap 101


Tom MacDonald Social Media Profiles

Twitter Tom MacDonald Twitter
Instagram Tom MacDonald Instagram
Facebook Tom MacDonald Facebook


Tom MacDonald Biography

Tom MacDonald, also known as Thomas MacDonald, was born on September 21, 1988, in Vancouver, Canada. He is an independent rapper who is also a songwriter, YouTuber, and a social media influencer. Tom wasn’t a singer in his early days. In fact, to everyone’s surprise, he was a professional wrestler in his teenage days.

Tom has spent six years in professional wrestling in Canada. Some of his famous appearances were in National Wrestling Alliance, Real Canadian Wrestling, Monster Pro Wrestling, and Elite Canadian Championship. He left his wrestling career to make a living from his musical passions. He currently lives in LA, USA. Tom MacDonald moved from Canada to LA on a student visa.

Some say that his wrestling contribution to his net worth of $500 thousand is unknown. He might have spent it all to start this new career. Also, there are talks about how Tom got influenced towards rapping because of his wrestling career.

Tom MacDonald’s family information is not entirely available in the public domain. His mother’s name is Lee Ann MacDonald. He has never mentioned the name of his father. Tom’s public appearances have made a thing very much clear that he loves his mother. He is very close to his parents, and he appreciates his parents’ patience while he was chasing his dreams. According to Tom MacDonald, his parents were always supportive of his wrestling and musical passion. They also have a massive contribution to Tom MacDonald’s current net worth. If it weren’t for them, Tom MacDonald might not have gotten into rapping.

Tom MacDonald started his rapping and music production career in 2009. But it took him years to come up with his first musical album. In 2014, he released his first music album, ‘LeeAnn’s Son.’ He started his YouTube channel during that time itself. His first single on the YouTube channel was ‘Wannabe.’ The single was taken exceptionally well by the YouTube audience. He started making his mark in the American Hip-Hop culture.

Tom MacDonald’s net worth started increasing after he got into music. He started getting musical revenues from the live shows and stage performances. He largely credits his net worth to his rapping and songwriting abilities. He doesn’t talk about his wrestling days much. Maybe, the wrestling didn’t add much to his net worth. Tom MacDonald is a white rapper in the American hip-hop scene. After Eminem’s rise, the white-rappers are finding it much more comfortable to get into these scenes. Also, Tom MacDonald has always been an advocate for any discrimination and anti-racism laws.

Some of his super hit songs include Whiteboy, Politically Incorrect, Helluvit, Dear Rappers Castles, Everybody Hates Me, This House, American Dreamz, The Way I Am, and many more. He has strong lyrics writing skills. He has made a lot of news because of his rap lyrics. He also calls himself a political rapper. He has always advocated the governance of secular and anti-racist governments. He has been incredibly vocal about his thoughts on the world’s political scenario.

Tom MacDonald was not a big name in Canada when he started his journey. Everybody knew him from his wrestling matches. No one even considered him a lyrical rapper till he started dropping his albums on YouTube. Everything changed for him when he started doing music videos. Canadians started following their countrymen. They became proud of his achievements. With his net worth, Tom MacDonald’s market value started rising too. He now sells his own personalized merchandise. The fans of his rap songs usually buy his merchandise from his website. The mercs include customized T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, beanie caps, and other accessories. The income from these sales does have an impact on Tom MacDonald’s net worth.

Tom MacDonald has often found himself in the middle of controversies. Some of his songs were claimed to have anti-feminist and nationalist lyrics. Being a straight man, some of his lyrics were termed as anti-LGBT movements. However, Tom MacDonald has denied all such claims and said that they were done just to defame him. The net worth of Tom MacDonald took a hard hit when his names came into such controversies. He was not getting stage shows and sponsors for quite a while. Before such incidental controversies, Tom MacDonald’s net worth increased in exceptional manners because of his sponsors.

People follow Tom MacDonald because of his anti-drug addiction and anti-discrimination views. He has always advocated a sober lifestyle. That comes as a contrast in the hip-hop community, where rappers are used to promote drugs and addictive lifestyle. Irrespective of the controversies, Tom MacDonald has always made sure that he speaks about gays and lesbian rights in the country. He has a very good fan following on social media like Facebook and Instagram. He regularly goes live on these platforms and speaks about his political views.

Recently in March 2020, Tom MacDonald released a song, ‘Coronavirus,’ which was related to the pandemic. However, he was called out for some errors he made in stating facts about the virus and its spread. He released this song and did a Facebook live session with his fans for about two hours. He said that his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller, has respiratory issues, and he understands the pain of corona patients.

Tom MacDonald has always thanked his fans and followers for raising the net worth of $500 thousand. He has always been vocal about the fact that his rapping and songwriting abilities have made this enormous net worth of wealth. He aspires to make it even bigger in the rapping industry and grow his net worth to millions of dollars.

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